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Rockin 'Chairs is a subtle osmosis of six musicians driven by the same passion: to offer good country music with professionalism in a friendly and festive atmosphere. Their modus vivendi: to convey to the public and to the dancers their pleasure of playing for them.
They are, from left to right on the banner above: Pedro (guitars, banjo), Richie (fiddle), Phil (guitars, banjo, mandolin, Dobro), Charlie (vocals, guitar), Titi (bass ) and Doc (drums).
Vocals, back vocals, acoustic guitar
Charlie de Rockin' Chairs, groupe de musique country
From her early age, Charlie is fascinated by the stage and the music, which she realizes at the age of 17 by joining a gospel choir in which she quickly becomes a soloist, which allows her to perform regularly in the Paris region. Then she meets guitarist Julien Vonarb with whom she plays in different halls under her artist name "Charlie Gon": Le Réservoir, La Scène Bastille, Le Petit Journal Montparnasse, La Batterie. Then she joins a country music band and tours for nearly two years. In 2008, Charlie records her first single "I'm free" and later a 4-track "Fever" EP with the band Black N'Blonde, which quickly becomes successful on the Internet as well as on local radio and TV. She also has the opportunity to encounter people such as Michael Jones, who supports her in her projects. Charlie is a professional singer-songwriter who plays with a variety of instruments and evolves into an African-American soul tinged with pop and country music. Since 2014, she performs very regularly in Ile de France, in the duet Charlie Hubble. In 2015, Charlie returns to country music and joins Rockin' Chairs in lead vocal, backing vocals and guitar, where her voice, her charisma and her communicative energy enthuse the public every time!
Pedro (Pierre)
Electric guitar, banjo, back vocals
Pedro de Rockin' Chairs, groupe de musique country
When he was only 6 years old, Pierre knew music theory before even learning how to read. After a few years of piano without great passion, he discovers the guitar when he is a teenager. He experiences a true, immediate and irreversible love at first sight for this instrument. Alongside the classical apprenticeship of the Conservatoire, it plunges into the world of picking and bluegrass imported in France in the middle of the 70' by the late Marcel Dadi. He likes this repertoire with bulimia, but that's not enough... When listening randomly to a piece of The Shadows, "The Flyder and The Spy", he's irresistibly drawn towards the clear and nervous sonorities of the electric guitar, quite to the opposite of the hard-rock sound which was then popular. The emergence of Dire Straits on the rock scene at this time further pushes him on this path. With his first Ibanez electric guitar, Stratocaster copy, an Italian M3 amp and some pedals, he begins, as a craftsman, the research of the "ideal sound". A few years, a few groups and a few guitars later, Pierre launches the Rockin 'Chairs adventure where he officiates as a fine trigger for the 6 strings. He plays mainly on Gibson ES-355 Bigsby, plugged into a hand-wired head amp "Reverb Deluxe" with a cabinet 2x12' Eminence Swamp Thang.
Phil (Phil. Brech.)
Acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, Dobro, back vocals
Phil de Rockin' Chairs, groupe de musique country
Self-taught guitarist who fell into music from his earliest childhood, Phil quickly finds himself carried away by rock on the springboard of the Golf Drouot in Paris. Then discovering Doc Watson's Bluegrass, he exercises the mandolin alongside banjoist Eric Gloaguen. And from rythm'blues to country-rock, he shares the stages with Calvin Russel and Chuck Berry (for the most famous) then joins the formation of Charlie West. Phil then tours with the Moselle country group Amarillo before joining several rock internships in Ile-de-France. He returns to Country with Rockin 'Chairs at the dawn of 2019, where his versatile playing involving a touch of improvisation brings a beautiful coloring to the band's orchestration!
Richie (Richard Khayadjanian)
Fiddle, vocals, back vocals
Richie de Rockin' Chairs, groupe de musique country
Richard is first and foremost a classical violinist: he was a student in the School of Music in Vienne (Isère, France) then in the Conservatoire of Lyon and finally in the École Normale de Musique in Paris. Until 2018, he played as a professional in classical music internships including the Pasdeloup Orchestra (Paris). He is also passionate about traditional music, jazz and world music (including country). Author, composer, singer and also guitarist, he animates the Gayaneh trio (vocals, violin, flute and guitar) by exploring traditional songs from many world countries and their languages (French, English, Russian, Armenian, Yiddish ...). Richard also produces the musical, scenic and cinematographic show "Les musiques illustrées de Mademoiselle Rose" which he wrote and directed. In addition, he officiates at the song and the violin in the Ile-de-France jazz band Jazzmical. Spotted in 2019 by Rockin 'Chairs through musical encounters, Richard joins the group in spring 2020, where his chiseled and rhythmic violin playing happily supports and enriches those of harmonic instruments!
Titi (Thierry Gilant)
Titi de Rockin' Chairs, groupe de musique country
Thierry begins his musical apprenticeship at the conservatory at the age of 8. He began with piano, then followed up with guitar. At 15, he discovers the bass which he will never abandon. Graduate of the CMCN (Music Academy International) in Nancy, he works with Jean Biselo, Daniel Yvinec, Remy Chaudagne, Dominique Di Piazza, Benoit Vanderstraeten, Alain Caron, Abraham Laboriel, John Patitucci, Michael Manring ... Professional musician, he plays in different internships and puts himself at the service of various artists known or in the making. At the same time, he creates his music school (A.M.M. Académie de Musiques Modernes) in Forges-les-Bains (91) where he teaches bass and piano. Accompanied by his faithful bass made by the luthier Christophe Leduc, Thierry travels through the music of the world according to the projects in which he participates. Country is no exception: he plays in backup of the titular bassist in the group Apple Jack Country Band. Really wishing to get involved in this festive musical trend with multiple influences, he joins Rockin 'Chairs in the summer of 2020. His groove, his precision and his sobriety immediately make wonder!
Doc (Luc Lotteau)
Doc de Rockin' Chairs, groupe de musique country
Luc enters the world of music through classical piano at the age of 7. Then he moves on to jazz, mainly influenced by Claude Bolling. Between a father who played trumpet at Saturday evening balls to make end meet, and cousins who were musicians from fathers to sons, Luc is quickly attracted to the practice of group music. In 1973, he began to play piano, with his father playing trumpet and his brother Pierre on guitar, playing titles of French variety. In 1975, he gets interested in drums to ride with Pierre and a couple of buddies a rock band that performs in Ile-de-France region with titles from the sixties and seventies repertoire: Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, Eagles, Crosby-Still-Nash, Joe Cocker, Santana ...
In 2005, following the initiative of Pierre, the band Rockin' Chairs is born. Luc holds the drums firmly there as a good "baseline player".
Leader of the group, Luc is in charge of artistic direction, sound management on stage and in the studio, prospecting, communication and logistics.

Origins of Rockin' Chairs

Rockin' Chairs was born in 2005 on a project of instrumental covers of the 60s (Shadows, Ventures ...) on the initiative of Pierre, a guitarist fond of clear and reverberated retro sounds, joined later by his brother Luc on drums, then by Patrick (rhythm guitar) and Alain (bass). The songs of the 50s (Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Co) are added to the repertoire as well as other titles with more modern sounds (Chris Isaak, Dire Straits ...).
Country music has gradually been included in the playlist with pieces of Alan Jackson, Little Big Town, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Vince Gill, Dixie Chicks, Sara Evans, The Hellecasters, Tanya Tucker... And over the years, country music has finally become exclusive!
In every human adventure, there are arrivals and departures: Patrick came, followed by Alain on vocals and rhythm guitar, Muriel then Sylvie on vocals, then Alain, Philippe, Bruno and finally Adriano on bass. Each of them, in their own way, actively participated in what has become today Rockin 'Chairs!
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